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25 nov 2012 - Another billiard tournament "8th Ball" series Thin Red Line Masters was held on November 25, 2012 / Sunday /. The finals were played in format 3 of 5 games. Prizes for top 3 places were billiards and golf accessories and a bottle of rum Captain Morgan and all the collected money supply / who went to the tournament winner / We was witnessed a truly spectacular event in which participants demonstrated mastery and professional skills, which they thank you for your participation and wish you even more great events in the future.



1 Nov 2012 - The pool-table competition "8th ball" from the Thin Red Line series will take place on 11 November 2012 from 18.00 h. The finals will be set to 3 from 5 games. The awards will include billiard and golf accessories and a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum apart from the cash prize. Please register yourself at the Thin Red Line bar before the event and declare your intention at the club's Facebook webpage.



25 Мay 2012 - On 25th May this year a pool-table competition "8th ball" took place in the leading Sofia Rock club "Thin Red Line". After the qualifications the players were divided into 4 groups, where played each other. The ball score difference was also taken into consideration. The group winners then played in the quarterfinals 2 of 3 games. The final was played at 3 of 5 games. After the competitive battle, the winners' shared not only the awards valued at more than BGN 400, but also their brilliant mood.

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